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Heroic Hundred

A pre-recorded video conversation. 30-40 minutes. Published to YouTube and Spotify. Emailed to our list and shared on social media.

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Heroic Hundred overview

Across North America, one hundred men have stepped up to lead ministry to men. Why? Because men everywhere are lonelier than ever before, fearful of their own masculinity, shutting themselves down. 

These heroic leaders are hosting events, groups, and ministries to awaken men to their purpose and build brotherhoods. Together, we believe in strengthening the man in Christ, for the sake of our families, our Church, and to transform the culture. 

 This show is brought to you by the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance. Hosted by Dominic de Souza, join us in hearing their stories, learning about their mission, and sharing their passion for ministry to men. 

Podcast Questions

Podcast questions:

  • What’s the biggest problem men face today?
  • What’s your favorite success story from this past year?
  • What’s your mission to men?
  • How are you answering this problem?
  • Where can men find you online?
  • What would you say to men worldwide if you had 60 seconds?

Podcast reach: 30,000+ subscribers

Your interview and podcast is posted on  the HeroicMen platform, added to our blog and social media, and emailed to 30,000 men on our email l ist.

On YouTube and Spotify, we will feature your bio, your link to your website, your book blurb, and a link to your book.

How it works

Join Dominic for a ~30 minute recording session that gets published on YouTube – perfect for sharing on your blog.

Afterward, Dominic will publish it on Spotify as a podcast, and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and to the email list.

You will also get copies of the promotional artwork so that you can update your friends, fans, and followers with your interview!

Tech checks

For a smooth interview: 

  • A quiet, well lit environment
  • Ensure a strong WIFI/internet signal, or plug into your router
  • Wear headphones to avoid echo.
  • Any external microphone is better than the mic on your computer.

We will spend 5-10 minutes before the interview on tech checks.