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Heroic Men

The Heroic Leadership Summit 2024

Friday, June 28, 3pm to Sunday, June 30, 1pm, Orange County, CA
Room & Board included.

Jason Shanks

Divine Intimacy

President of Our Sunday Visitor

Find out why Divine Intimacy is the most important aspect of our lives. He shares his powerful story and how God’s presence in his life was critical as he faced his own near death experience during Covid. Learn from him how you can strengthen your own friendship with Christ, not only in times of crisis, but in a daily routine. Every leader needs this foundation of divine intimacy, so that we can help other men do the same.

Tim Glemkowski

The Eucharist

CEO of the National Eucharistic Conference

St Augustine wrote, become what you receive. If you want to be a true heroic leader, you need to receive He who is Heroism itself, and deepen your understanding so that you can be a Heroic Leader for others. As CEO of the Eucharistic Congress, learn from Tim Glemkowski’s experiences of true Eucharistic revival must begin in our own hearts first as leaders, and missionary disciples.

David Bereit

Clarity and conviction for the Little Way of evangelization

Co-founder of 40 Days for Life

The big way of evangelization is events, and tentpole summits. But we’re all called to the little way of evangelization, which is heart to heart, man to man. David is one of the most remarkable leaders in the church today, and deeply believes that when leaders bring men together small groups, starting where you are right now, we can strengthen men faster than you could believe. And then grow that impact.

Deacon Charlie Echeverry

Building Authentic Brotherhood

Founder of the Black/Brown Collective

As a successful CEO and ardent deacon, Deacon Charlie is a tremendous leader today. He believes that that brotherhood is the key. As a consultant to many influential Catholic leaders and organizations, he has his finger on the pulse of the Church’s needs. Authentic brotherhood helps strengthen us as leaders to step up and strengthen men.

Heroic Men

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Brothers, the Heroic Leadership Summit is back!

Lock in your spot for this incredible, all-star weekend in Orange County, CA, from June 28 to June 30. We’re talking about leveling up your leadership game, networking with like-minded men, and getting the tools to make serious impact in men’s lives.

Imagine rubbing shoulders with heavy hitters like Bishop Joseph Coffey, Fr Larry Richards, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, and more. These men have become household names for leading the charge for Christ and his Church – and we need you to join us.

My topic is:…

Seats are limited! Check heroicmen.org today!

We’re bringing the best of the best in leadership and training together, one all-star weekend geared to ignite, equip, and grow ministry to men.

The Heroic Leadership Summit is the only annual event where men of action, ministry, and missionary discipleship network and grow their impact together.

You need to be there. RSVP soon. Visit heroicmen.org to learn more and score your seat.