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How will you fight for your purpose?

Our heroic challenge for men.


Hey brother, its a harsh front line for men right now.

You’re not alone. There are countless men out there just like you, men who hunger for something more, men who yearn for a life of purpose and meaning.

But the world has a way of beating us down. It tells us to be something we’re not, to hide our true selves, to play small and safe. And before we know it, we’re lost, adrift, and alone.

Many men think that their value is in their ability to sacrifice, maybe give their lives. For most of us, we sacrifice by shutting down, bowing our heads, and grinding in greyness.

It’s not true. You are worth much more than your ability to sacrifice.

There is a path for you, a path that leads to greatness. It’s your heroic call.

This journey shouldn’t be marched alone.

We know what it’s like to feel lost and alone. Or burned out at the bottom of a barrel. To be searching for a purpose that seems just out of reach. But we also know that with the right tools, the right mindset, and the right community, anything is possible.

We are fighting our own way through our personal darkness. We’re seeking a call that gets us going. And now, we’re here to extend a hand to you, to help you find your own path to greatness.

We’re building an army to answer the call with you. Heroic Men is a band of brothers, a group of guerrillas on mission. We’re about 29,000 strong. Now you’re one of us.

Over the next five days, we’ll be sending you some powerful tools to help you get educated, equipped, and ready for action. These tools are changing men’s lives.

So join us, brother. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and a heroic call. Life is never going to get easier. We have to get stronger, and surround ourselves with a strong team.

Life requires strength, courage, and determination. Let us help you. This is your heroic call, brother. Will you answer it?

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But right now, take ten and watch the #1 most popular video on our platform.

It’s from the epic series ‘Into the Breach,’ talking about masculinity and the battle you were born for. 

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Your heroic challenge?

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