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Begin your journey.

Here’s the first tool for your gear.


We got to have the right tools to go on mission.

The first tool is Heroic Men®. The best content by men for men. Get engaged, educated, and equipped for your mission.

What mission?

Glad you asked.

Every man has a heroic call to follow Christ’s example of leadership, learning, and service. We do this with our families, our parish, our community. We don’t wait to be asked. We show up, step up, and get our hands dirty.

Who’s the best example of this?

Jesus Christ. He shows us how to be a real man, and a heroic leader through prayer, learning, and purpose.

Heroic Men® follows in his footsteps, creating order out of chaos in our modern wilderness.

Our founder, Robert Tunmire, often says: “Our men are getting slaughtered out there.” We agree.

Time to stop taking it in the teeth. Time to stand up, armor up, and own our dignity. A heroic man is not a pushover. We stand tall. We get real, get raw, and get stuff done.

So start exploring the videos. Start walking with Christ.

You were made for this battle. And now, you’re not alone.

Tomorrow we’re sending you one more piece of free gear to help strengthen you.

For now, here’s one of our favorite videos, from the series ‘The Search.’ Do you find yourself looking for the right things in the wrong places? Some never ask this question, and some never stop asking.

One viewer said it’s an ‘exceptionally realistic perspective that provokes our curiosity in answering the question “What do you seek” out of life.’

You’re gonna love this. 

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