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Are you base-jumping without a parachute?

Here’s how we’re making daily prayer super simple.


Are you unplugged from God?

Do you have a daily prayer routine? No? That’s like base-jumping without a parachute. Like trying to navigate without Google maps.

Most men work, and work hard. We might not have time to research a good prayer. Or have the pocket space for prayer cards. Or not want to listen to a recording.

Even so, prayer is every man’s essential daily action. We eat, shave (maybe), work, play. And… we pray. Prayer is how we connect with God.

Every man needs the essentials every day – that we’ll actually use. We need an easy way to prioritize prayer so that we can respond to the Holy Spirit. Before we start learning. Before we take action.

So we started building an app for ourselves, Heroic Prayer.

It’s the free, no-frills app for men on mission.

We think its going to change lives, starting right now.

Here’s all you do:

  • Bookmark your favorite prayer.
  • Pray it daily.
  • Done.

Ok, over for now. Tomorrow, watch for a new video.

Pro tip: When you pray, ask God to give you ideas. Ideas of other men to reach out to. Then start praying for those men by name, every day.

Watch this video

Check out this 40-second video from our ‘Heroic Minute’ series: ‘Dont’ know how to pray?’ Jon Leonetti gives his hot take on how to break down our inner barrier to prayer.

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