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How do men survive contact with the world?

Your team.


Matt Ingold had a brutal conversion moment in the military. He cleared a tactical strike that accidentally killed innocent women, children, and a baby. That’s when he cracked, and realized that under the surface, under his mask, he didn’t have his life together. In his heart, he was not okay. Had he committed an unforgivable sin? He needed help. He never expected what happened, and how it would change his life.

No man survives contact with the world alone.

Let’s begin small. Building your team the easy way.

Did you watch a video in the last few days that charged you up? Send that video to one or two friends. Ask them what they think.

Now, let’s get tactical.

Step 1: invite a friend

Based on their response, invite them to join your team.

Try to meet them in person. Eye-to-eye is best.

In your own words, let them know that they matter to you. You’re doing something different in your life. You want to start strengthening yourself, and building a team.

Step 2: schedule a weekly roundup

As a group, decide to meet for 30 minutes or an a hour once a week. You might meet in person or online. Each week, watch a short Heroic Men video, and share your top takeaways.

If it’s only a 30 minute check-in, watch the video ahead of time.

Step 3: commit to a challenge

A man without a mission is a ship without a rudder. Each person in your group should decide on doing something practical. It can be anything, but should be concrete and doable in the next week.

Check in with each other during your weekly meeting to see how you did. Ask each other what they need to keep their goals.

You can download these 3 steps as our Tactical Guide, and print them off to stick above your desk.

See you tomorrow with an special invite.

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