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The Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance

Start your local ministry to men.


Did you know that 93% of mothers and children will follow the father’s lead?

Kevin O’Brien is one of the co-founders for Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance (CMLA). He shares an overview of why men need to rally together and raise up leaders. Check out that video in a second.

The team behind CMLA are husbands, fathers, and men who aren’t happy to sit back and do nothing. They step up and get to work. So they launched an alliance of Catholic leaders.

The goal is simple: provide training and resources to men everywhere. They divided the country into regions, assigned coaches, and got down to the hard work of raising an army.

But how we do it is different.

We’re not here to replace men’s ministries. We collaborate with all of them.

We’re here for ministry to all men. We’re going after the hunger that beats in every man’s heart to answer a heroic call.

When we strengthen the man, we strengthen the family.

Strengthen the family, strengthen the Church.

Strengthen the Church, transform the culture.

You’ve seen the resources and gifts we’ve sent you this past week.

Are you ready to do more in your parish to serve men?

Do  you get excited at the thought of hosting a weekly group to educate, engage, and equip men for mission?

Reach out to us today. Our coaches are standing by and ready to meet with you.

Every month, our coaches host private calls to check in, give feedback, and share resources to help you.

We’re committed to no man left behind. In fact, we wrote a book on it (just ask us). Schedule a call with your local coach today.

Now go ahead and watch that message from Kevin o’Brien.

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