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Heroic Men ®

The free, brotherhood-building platform.

Men have a heroic call to follow Christ’s example of leadership, learning, and service with our families. But we can’t do it alone.

Jesus Christ shows us how to be a real man, and a heroic leader through prayer, learning, and purpose. 

Heroic Men® follows his footsteps through our modern wilderness. We curate and stream the best content to engage, educate, and equip men for mission. 

Heroic Men

On-Demand, Anytime. Always better together.

Watch any video on the go, or pull it up at your weekly men’s group. Heroic Men® works best in groups. 

Connect with one of our coaches to get equipped and get started with your men’s group.

Heroic Reviews

200+ 4.9 Star  Reviews on app store & google Play

Chris Stefanick
Catholic Speaker and Author

“I am so stoked about Heroic Men®! It’s a gift from Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance to help you be the man that God created you to be.”

Fr. Larry Richards
Catholic Priest, Speaker and Author

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying, so use this Heroic Men® app every day to grow in your relationship with Jesus and let Him show you what a man is!”

Danny Abramowicz
Former NFL All-Pro Wide Receiver & Coach

Heroic Men® and the Catholic Mens Leadership Alliance can help you down the road to spiritual fitness.


With this Heroic Men® app, I am able to keep good Catholic content in my headphones while at work or in the car.

Mart H

An awesome app every Catholic man needs. It’s loaded with incredible content… It will help strengthen your faith and inspire you to be the man God made you to be.

Oscar G

I enjoy Heroic Men® because of the uncomplicated way to understand scripture and learn new ways to be a better version of myself.

Arnaldo G. 

I feel ashamed the hard work you guys do, letting us learning and growing in faith.

Matthew B

Great app to help us as we struggle to be the men that God calls us to be, highly recommend!

Michael H

I want to be a heroic man and be on the forefront of this battle we call life. This site gives me the ability to strengthen my armor in Christ Jesus.

James L

Inspiring… Every man needs this app on their devices as a daily companion.

James L

Inspiring… Every man needs this app on their devices as a daily companion.

Andrew W.

Just got the Heroic Men® app but I really enjoy the videos. Fires me up to be a Catholic man.

Sean  L

This is like having the best power tools money can buy. Using this app will make being a husband and father a little easier.

Jon L

Wonderful app to help learn about what the Catholic faith truly teaches.  

Nuc Dude

Contains deeply meaningful and inspirational Catholic content for men… jumpstart your faith, or dive deeper into what it means to be a Catholic.


 My family and I have really enjoyed watching this faith-affirming content – even my 8 year old daughter stays engaged! Time well spent. 

The mission

Heroic Men® is on a mission to unite men by bringing you the best in Catholic media.

Heroic Men® is founded by Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance™ whose aim is to establish vibrant ministry to men in every diocese.

Your support helps us get supplies, resources, and leadership coaching into the hands of leaders in the field so they can launch men’s groups and conferences.


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